A powerful idea

A simple yet extraordinary vision

The company was born out of an idea that we have been cultivating for a long time, putting to good use the experience we have built up in the automation and machine design sector, giving the right attention to human relationships.

Our ambition is to build quality machines able to solve the problems related to the processing of thermoplastic sheets, mainly bending and edge polishing / grinding.

At the same time, we are interested in being able to offer our customers the best pre- and post-sales service, offering 24/7 direct assistance. For this purpose, we have set up a toll-free number and a dedicated mailbox. We are available both for assistance and for advice and suggestions to improve the machines and the service.

Quality assurance

Our machines and equipment are conceived, designed and built using the best materials and the best technologies available on the market, in order to guarantee a high level of reliability.

For this reason, we only use components from leading manufacturers that can add value to our ideas.

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