QH1200 Wide

Heat bending machines for wide radius bendings

The machines of the QH1200 Wide series are characterized by great versatility: in fact they allow the processing of sheets in thermoplastic material such as PMMA, PC, PE, PVC, Corian, etc.

Particularly suitable for heating sheets with medium and high thickness (from 2 to 20 mm) and various sizes, thanks to the multiple resistances side by side they allow to perform bending with particularly large radius (up to 200 mm)

With the QH1200 Wide series machines it is possible to perform localized heating in order to proceed with the folding (manually) of the different plates, this takes place both in bilateral mode, thus reducing the processing time, and in unilateral mode, allowing the operator to perform up to a maximum of eight folds at the same time (four with bilateral heating mode).


The QH1200 Wide machines available in various configurations (from 2 to 4 superimposed resistors) are made following the criteria of maximum reliability and durability over time, extremely simple to use and meet the needs of the most diverse types of processing.

FeaturesQH1200 WideQH2000 Wide
Working width (mm)12502050
Number of resistors2+2 / 3+3 / 4+42+2 /3+3 / 4+4
Workable thickness (mm)2-202-20
Heating area width (mm)Max 200Max 200
Resistance height adjustment (mm)+/- 35+/- 35
Minimum bending center distance (mm)variable according to configurationvariable according to configuration
Maximum bending center distance* (mm)11601160
Measuring (WxDxH)1700x1200x13002500x1200x1300
Weight (Kg)100250
Power Supply400/230V 50-60Hz400/230V 50-60 Hz
Type of resistorsQuarzoQuarzo
Resistor power supply230V230V
Absorbed power (kW)6.6-13.210.4-20.8
Pneumatic supply (PSI)3.5 Bar3.5 Bar
* Other sizes on request

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