A small plastic heat bending equipment for multiple applications

Even the WHS1200, like the superior machines of the WH series, is characterized by its great versatility: it allows in fact processing by heat bending of sheets of thermoplastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, polyethylene, PVC, Corian, etc.

Particularly suitable for heating plates with low and medium thickness (from 2 to 8 mm) and dimensions up to 1200 mm.

With the machines of the WHS series it is possible to perform the localized heating in order to proceed with the manual bending of the different plates. This occurs both in bilateral mode, thus reducing the processing time, and in one-sided mode, allowing the operator to perform up to a maximum of eight folds simultaneously (four with bilateral heating mode).

The WHS1200 is available with bilateral heating (high-low) or with one-sided heating (only low), it can also be supplied with movement of the upper resistance in manual or pneumatic mode.

It is manufactured according to the criteria of maximum reliability, durability, ease of use and meet the needs of the most diverse types of processing.

Thickness 2-8 mm

The WHS series machines are used in the field of construction of objects and components in thermoplastic material such as display stands and acrylic brochure holders, details for furniture and outfitting for points of sale, advertising, safety guards in polycarbonate and, more generally, in all those applications where it is necessary to perform heat bending without causing defects or signs on the material.

Working width (mm)1200
Number of resistors1-2
Workable thickness (mm)1-8
Heating area width (mm)20
Resistance height adjustment (mm)+/- 8
Minimum bending center distance (mm)56
Maximum bending center distance* (mm)700
Measuring (WxDxH)**1500 x 850 x 950
Weight (Kg)50
Power Supply230V 50-60Hz
Type of resistorsWire Ni/Cr
Resistor power supplyLow voltage
Absorbed power (kW)0.8-1.6
Pneumatic supply 3 Bar
* Other sizes on request

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